15 Mar

I Love being a Woman

Friday 8th March was International Women's Day and Carol was honoured to be asked to make the keynote speech at Hargreaves Lansdown.

Carol spoke about her career focusing on the key lessons she had learnt over the last 25 years.  Her main message was to encourage women to take risks in the pursuit of personal growth.

- Be willing to speak up  ("lean in" as Sheryl Sandberg would say!)

- In discussions, don't compete on volume......say something original.....get heard by saying something that nobody else is thinking.

During her talk Carol referenced great leaders such as Martin Luther King, and inspiring women such as Maya Angelou.  She also shared her own philosophy for growth:

"Say yes to questions you don't quite know the answers to but are interested in pursuing.  The pressure of having to deliver will stimulate you to reach out, read up, talk to others....."


Video of Carol's talk can be accessed by clicking here