The I-Manage programme allows mangers and leaders to know what is expected of them and gives them the skills, knowledge, attitude and behaviours to deliver great motivational, process driven management. We couple these skills with exceptional emotionally intelligent leadership to get the best performance from themselves and the teams and individuals they manage.


Delegates will demonstrate 'emotional intelligence' and learn how to lead in an engaging and inspiring way.

How to:
• Truly engage others
• Influence and persuade others
• Lead in a consistent and unconditional way&
• Build warm and genuine business relationships


Focusing on good management of processes that impact on performance.

How to:
• Deliver effective and impactful performance management
• Coach, empower and delegate effectively
• Achieve results in time efficient way
• Utilise effective and simple management processes


Delegates will learn to use unique tools to manage stress and restore motivation.

How to:
• Use stress to achieve high performance
• Avoid being overwhelmed by work
• Motivate others
• Use strategies to reduce work based stress


Delegates will learn how to create high performance teams and release their full potential.

How to:
• Create genuine team spirit
• Ensure conflict is expressed appropriately and worked through
• Ensure tolerance and interdependency is demonstrated
• Guarantee team behaviours are clear and adhered to