I-Sense improves customer experience and leadership at all levels by integrating one unique factor in to all training programmes: Unconditional Positive Regard for the customer. By combining UPR with our own behavioural approach to learning and development we can help ensure consistent best practice from leaders, managers and all staff involved in customer relations.


Unconditional Positive Regard provides a personal technique to make everyone's professional behaviour and responses consistent and deliberate.

How to:
• Interact unconditionally with everyone
• Consistently build rapport to achieve goals
• Consistently deliver great internal and external service
• Have positive regard for all


Thinking yourself into the other person's shoes can build rapport and support you to engage with the most difficult of situations positively.

How to:
• Put yourself in others' shoes
• See others' perspectives
• Develop listening skills
• Engage all people positively


We will encourage delegates to be themselves in their interaction at work and challenge them to be congruent - true to what they know.

How to:
• Be genuine and assertive in interactions
• Feel confident to be themselves
• Demonstrate congruence
• Generate trust in others


We explore the thought, feelings and actions in our day to day interactions. Delegates will learn what strategies to use to improve those interactions.

How to:
• Identify job role pinch points where service and interaction is poor
• Ensure quality peer and trainer feedback
• Put strategies in place to improve interactions