I-Change enables your organisation to foster high levels of management integrity and responsibility for positive change. The I-Change programme is effective in both process and behavioural change, helping delegates from any status within the company to involve and engage themselves and others in new ways of working.


Resistance to change is both normal and understandable. We look at various human behaviours which help us to understand why this is and how to manage it.

How to:
• Understand human reaction to change
• Actively remove barriers to change
• Deploy strategies to encourage and support change


To be in two minds with two seemingly irreconcilable emotions happening at once is normal human ambivalence and a common reaction to change.

How to:
• Understand ambivalence
• Understand and manage ambivalent feelings to change
• Choose behavioural change
• Use change curves


Delegates can learn how to use strategies to create the working environment where people choose to change themselves.

How to:
• Communicate change confidently and transparently
• Demonstrate empathy and invite feedback from others
• Set and communicate clear goals for change
• Advocate change


Using specific exercises and models to enable delegates to learn how to engage others in the change process.

How to:
• Use the decisional balance model
• Use the dissatisfaction technique
• Encourage others to choose to change
• Facilitate real and positive change