One of the most important factors in any modern work place is how we resolve difficult situations. Resolving conflict effectively is the key to building strong teams and can increase buy-in to solutions from all parties. I-Resolve provides the practical tools to enable delegates to truly resolve issues and problems without becoming personal, aggressive or abusive.


To ensure conflict is resolved in an objective way delegates are made aware of negative techniques and blaming traits which can seriously limit the final outcome.

How to:
• Clearly identify and articulate issue
• Stay objective and avoid blame
• Use clear and simple language to communicate effectively and professionally


Assertive flex is an innovative model which enables delegates to truly be assertive and avoid aggressive and unproductive type behaviours.

How to:
• Be assertive, not aggressive or passive
• Identify negotiables and non-negotiables
• Disagree assertively
• Balance own and others' needs


Delegate's awareness of discrepancy is developed so that they can see the point at which differences with colleagues or processes started.

How to:
• Recognise discrepancy
• Identify where differences in goals and objectives start
• Articulate clearly where discrepancy lies
• Be aware when own behaviour lacks congruence


I-Resolve provides delegates with the process and structure needed to find resolution.

How to:
• See conflict and its resolution as an opportunity to grow
• Use the resolution cycle to resolve conflict